St Kyrel Trust - Helping the poor help themselves


We operate in mainly in Egypt but recently expanded our operation to Sudan. In each city we operate, we have representatives who work on a voluntary basis with the students. These representatives study each student case and bring these cases to the Trustee’s attention for inclusion in our list of supported students.

The representatives distribute the monthly grants to the students. Each representative has the responsibility of delivering the grant, obtaining signatures from the students on receipt, and follow up with the students on how these funds are spent. They also report to the trustees on the progress of each student, sending the trustees regular updates.

We have a head coordinator based in Cairo who oversees the operation in Egypt & Sudan. This coordinator has the responsibility of delivering the grants to the representatives on a quarterly basis and obtains their signatures on receipt.  He is also responsible for liaising with the trustees in London in matters regarding funds transfer, conveying new policies to the representatives and ensuring their application.

Our bank accounts are UK based in GBP. All accounts are in the name of St Kyrel Trust. Donors in Britain and abroad pay their contributions to these accounts by various means.  St Kyrel Trust transfer funds to Egypt on a quarterly basis into a designated account.

Grants and Students

Our current grant to each student is three hundred Egyptian pound, 300 LE. This amount covers the expenses of each student in terms of books & stationery, basic rental accommodation if living away from home, food, simple clothes, transport, and pocket money.