St Kyrel Trust - Helping the poor help themselves

Why Not Join our Successful Group of Choir Singers and Musicians from All of Europe!

What we offer:
  • A refined and discerning way to express your love to God through music and lyrics.
  • Professional training/rehearsals with Copts from the UK and abroad.
  • Priceless fun yet serious discipline
  • An opportunity to put your talent at the Lord's service and to collaborate with Christians from other cultures such as the Greeks and Maronites.
  • the chance to work as a team, make new friends and to travel to the continent.
The choir rehearsals take place every Friday 7-8pm in St Mark Coptic Church Kensington 
Call Dr. Samuel Tadros on 07956556259 or email:, if you can play a musical instrument.
Call Mrs. Isis Fahim on 07711110858 or email:, if you wish to sing with the Choir.
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Two words:  Huge change!

It all started when I spotted the leaflets being handed out, the posters hung around the church and people talking about it : St Kyrel Choir ! I had only started learning Coptic recently and didn't know what to expect of taking part in a wasn't any Choir though ! St Kyrel Choir helps Egyptian teenagers in need go to university in order to pursue a good future. The choir has already presented concerts in London, Sweden, France and Italy. It was formed with a handful of singers in 2011.  Every time a concert is organised, the money coming from the ticket sales as well as any donations is then collected and spent for a good cause. 

I took the decision of joining with my younger brother and parents in September 2016 and I most certainly up till this day do not regret it! Every Friday after school, I would head towards the church for an hour of choir rehearsals with different people I had never met before. When we started learning the hymns I felt excluded and embarrassed as I was not familiar with any of the hymns, and if I did hear them before, I certainly hadn’t the intention of knowing them lyric by lyric. Weeks passed by and I started to believe that there was room for improvement after all.

In May 2017, we presented two concerts in Milan over two days.  They were both better than each other with a stage holding over 100 singers and an orchestra of violinists, cello, Oud, Tabla and flute players, from London, Brighton, France, Egypt, Germany, the States and Amsterdam. At the end of the second concert, Pope Tawadros II came on the stage to thank all of us for a "beautiful and professional" presentation. He praised and encouraged St Kyrel Choir's efforts to raise money for the poor students in Egypt. I could not believe that all this was happening. I cannot express how amazed I was! I could feel love vibrating through the whole theater. Happy would be an understatement: I was ecstatic as we acknowledged the passionate applauding and the smiles on the audience faces.

Never will I ever think that joining St Kyrel Choir was a wrong choice. In fact, I feel it actually was the most important decision I have ever made. Growing as one family filled with joy and love I enjoy every minute. One thing I definitely learnt is that you don't need to have experience nor have the talent to sing, just listen to your heart and determine to take part in such a privileged and amazing choir to make a positive difference in the life and future of one more disadvantaged student in Egypt.

Natalie Amin

( 15 years old)


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