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A family shop run by poor children

Posted on Jan 20 2017 | 2 comments

Marianna Elias is in her second year of college, studying literature at Wadi-Enil University. She has three sisters and a brother. Their father is blind and has a small corner shop, which is principally run by the children of the family. The father’s pension is approximately 250 Egyptian Pounds (LE). In order to enhance the family income, the mother fills containers with fresh water to deliver to other households in the village. In the face of such poverty, Marianna took a year out to run the family’s humble shop to allow her younger sister to dedicate all of her time to her final year of high school exams. Marianna, along with her sister is now back at university.

Saint Kyrel Trust supports Marianna so that some of her basic needs are met, allowing her to concentrate on her studies.

Sponsoring a child or making a one-off donation allows St Kyrel Trust to reach out and assist more young adults in need.

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