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The cobbler and his son

Posted on Jan 20 2017 | 6 comments

When we visited him, one could vividly see not only the striking poverty but also the sparkling and full of life eyes. He is Samir, one of our students in the poor area of “Fom El-Khaleeg” near old Cairo. His father is an old traditional cobbler, who is although working for a few pounds a day, diabetic with high blood pressure. Samir, the eldest son of a family of 5, whose income is barely sufficient for food, graduated with good marks at high school. There was a choice to make; either study Engineering as he always dreamt and hoped, or take up his father’s dying profession and try to make a living out of it. Being a cobbler in this day and age means a continuation to the same poverty and lack of self improvement, Samir explained. As he was dithering of what to do, he met St Kyrel Trust representative in the church and a formal application was filled and sent to us. With a family of 5 and income under 350.00 LE per month as well as high marks at high school, it was very easy to welcome Samir to our community of students. When he graduates, Samir is hoping to design an automated sewing machine, and we certainly look forward to his potential achievement.

Samir is one of many (many) of our brothers and sisters who need our help, and only with your support can we deliver this help. Please consider a regular donation using the attached standing order. God bless.

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