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Sanitary ware, clean running water, and the dream of medical school

Posted on Jan 20 2017 | 7 comments

The past and the present

The past Last year we received an application form our representative in El-Minia for a young man called Maged Nagib. The application revealed the following facts: The father of the family has died a short while before the application was made. The mother is a housewife. Number of brothers and sisters is 7. Family income is established from two sources, one is the pension of the passed father (150.00 LE equal to £25.00) and the eldest brother farming a piece of land. The family lived in a house that did not have clean water connected it, and surprisingly no toilet either. We took Maged onboard, when he was in his last year of secondary school (A-levls) as he desperately needed financial support. He was working hard and wanted to study medicine.

The present The following is a translation of a letter we received from Maged this summer

I would like to thank you but do not know how. I will just say it: Thank you so much for your help and support. Your financial aid was more than money as it has transformed not only my life but also the life of my family. I am a proud son because I saved a bit from my monthly grant during the summer months and together with my brother we paid for a clean water line to be installed and built a toilet as well. I also passed my exams and will be studying in medical school from net year, which what I wanted to do. So, I am happy. May God bless you for your help and support to me.

To Maged we replied:

We are proud of you too and we will support you till you finish your medical school.

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