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Hardships of a Family

Posted on Jan 20 2017 | 2 comments

The following case of Sammy Farouk is a typical example of the work St. Kyrel does for the poor students of Egypt. He writes to us summarising what he experienced:

It was shook for me and my family when my dad died, we didn’t expected that or prepare ourselves for that time. My mother, Kyrlos (my young brother) were completely dependent on him.

I was in the second year of my high school, I knew our income will seriously be affected because dad died young and the pension we were supposed to receive will not cover our different expenses. I needed private tuition, books, and transportation and my young brother needed the same to continue his studies too. It was a real problem, but I was not disappointed; I had that strong feeling God will never neglect me. He – as usual – supports me in different times.

I went to the church, met Abona (the priest) and discussed with him the problem. We prayed together & left to home with a peace on my heart. One week and God replied.

I had a meeting with a representative from Saint Kyrel.
Through the help of Saint Kyrel, I was able to finish my high school and am now student in the second year of Veterinary College in Cairo University Bany-Sweaf branch. Because of the continuing monthly support I can share a room with one of my friends and can buy some books.

Thanks to my real father Jesus, thanks to the Saint Kyrel group.

St. Kyrel has been helping ……(how long) (what about rest of family)

Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it.

Prov. 3:27

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