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Brothers and sisters of Christ: the waiting list

Posted on Jan 20 2017 | 0 comments

Joanne has 1 brother and 2 sisters. The father was a shoe-maker who died at the age of 37 of respiratory system failure, leaving the children and a house wife with a pension of 80.LE / month (£14.00) and a lot of debts. They had to sell everything from clothes to furniture to pay their debts. The eldest son is the bread winner, working as a night guard in a catholic church, for an income that barely covers their food.

Mark lives with his 7 brothers and sisters in a 2 bedroom farm house in the country side of Assuit. The whole family has only 3 beds and 1 cupboard. The father passed away 10 years ago and the pension of the house wife is 80.00LE, which covers less than the basic needs for one of her children in the university. He works every summer as a labourer in the house-building industry to save some money help the family go through the academic year, whilst studying in the faculty of commerce.

Neveen works as an assistant in a 24 hour pharmacy to earn 70.00LE/moth (£11.50/month) to. Her father changed his religion into Islam, leaving the family of 5 without an income. The local church helps them with the amount of 100.00LE per month, which is used to cover the rent, gas and electricity. She is studying to be an opthalmologist. Coping with life is financially impossible and offers from Muslim step-cousins are following the family promising more help if they convert!

Our waiting list holds many others with circumstances similar to those above. Please help to ease their suffering and make a difference in their lives.

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