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A Realised Dream

Posted on Jan 20 2017 | 7 comments

The following is a letter we received from one of the students we help in upper Egypt, where poverty strikes in a bad way. Her name is Molook, a serious teenage with a dream. The following is her own words showing how Saint Kyrel Trust helped this dream become a reality.

Before I tell you how does the monthly grant of Saint Kyrel Trust helped me, let me explain the situation of my family. We live in a village and our house consists of two rooms. We are five children (2 females and 2 males). My father works as door keeper for St. Antonios Coptic Orthodox church. He has only his low salary, which barely covers our bread line living. We don’t have any other source of income. As we are villagers, and our income is very low, I could only dream about university education. Within our circumstances, when we should only ask about the absolute necessaries of life, sending me to the university was an impossibility.

In the church, Tasony (a Coptic word means my sister) asked me which colleague will I join when I finish secondary school? I really had no answer, so I kept silent. After the meeting, Tasony talked to me alone, and asked me again. I had to explain my situation for her. She understood me but she said we will not give up. Let us pray and God will provide, she said. I went home and kept on praying that this dream of mine may become a reality.

After few days, Tacony came to visit us, she spook with me and my father about the grace of God and she added that I was nominated to the grant of Saint Kyrel Trust for going to the university. My dream of going to the university was immediately replaced by the dream of being able to obtain a university degree, be able to find a job and bring some more money to help the rest of the family. How great is the love of God?

Now, I’m studying social science. With the monthly grant I receive, I can commute to college, spend on myself independently and above all will be able to finish the course and find a job. I will never forget this favour. Thank you to my heavenly father and his people in St. Kyrel.

Molook, has succeeded in her first year and moved on to the second year of college. Expecting to graduate in year 2002.

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