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UK Coptic Icons Easter Discount

Published in 20/01/2017

In celebration of Easter we hope to raise funds for our charity, in association with UK Coptic Icons.

UK Coptic Icons‘ mission is to increase the effectiveness, the knowledge and love of Coptic Iconography and all that it provides. Coptic art is an enormous vehicle that helps Coptic youth retain their sense of belonging to Egypt. When one walks into a Coptic church anywhere in the world, perhaps the most obvious sign of the church being Coptic are the icons.

During the period of 25 March 2013 to 25 April 2013, UK Coptic Icons are offering friends of UK Coptic Icons a 30% discount for all their icon prints on wood: visit their catalogue page:

Simply choose your icon(s) and email UK Coptic Icons at with your order.

At least 30% of the proceeds, depending on the order size, will go to St Kyrel Trust.

Both St Kyrel Trust and UK Coptic Icons wish you a blessed Easter. Thank you in advance for your support.

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