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Published in 20/01/2017

The total number of students we have been supporting in Egypt for the past two years (2008 and 2009) is static; 605 students. During 2009, we were approached by many people who wanted to support more students through traditional standing order commitments. We also received several large one-off donations. Therefore, we thought it is timely to increase our student numbers. This has coincided with a serious call for help from Beni-Suif. Accordingly, in their quarterly meeting, the Trustees agreed to increase the number of students by 50 from January 1st 2010. The distribution of the increase is as follows: Beni Suif (10), ElMinia (10), old Cairo (20), and Alexandria (10).

Some of our sponsors and donors have requested to know-in-person the students they are sponsoring. The main difficulty in this exercise is that some students may be embarrassed to be in direct contact with those who sponsor their education. It is worth noting that none of the Trustees of Saint Kyrel Trust are identified to any of the students, even when we make field visits. In any case, we have now added a new question in the application form to ask if the students want to be in touch with their sponsors, and hope that we can soon facilitate a direct connection between those students and the sponsors who wish to be in contact with their beneficiaries.

We want to hear from you

We invite all our donors to talk to us and advise us on how they feel about or think of our work. We want your opinion be part of our decisions. It is with your support we are able to accomplish what we both want. We welcome comments, questions and suggestions on any area of our work. Please get in touch on the contact details shown below, or directly speak with any of the trustees. God bless.

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