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Egyptian Revolution: 6 months on

Published in 20/01/2017

It was hoped the general affairs for Christians in Egypt would improve following the 25th January new Egyptian revolution. Disappointedly, 6 months on, this hasn’t materialised. In fact, the power vacuum across Egypt gave rise to fundamentalists to show their ugly face with horrendous events broadcasted globally; from attacks on innocent Christians, to applying sharia law on Christians, and burnings to more churches. We are particularly sad about the latest events in the “Imbaba” district in Cairo, during which one of our students was killed whilst trying to protect the “virgin Mary church” that was eventually burned down. This brought the hostility much closer to home. We decided to enrol 10 new students in this underprivileged district in honour of our young martyr. “They” can kill, but we, with the grace of God, will increase our services and let us see who wins!

Please pray with us for peace to prevail in Egypt.

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