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Difficulties for Copts in Egypt

Published in 20/01/2017

2011 has witnessed the new Egyptian revolution in January, and the difficulties that followed have hit the Copts in waves with varying intensities. Most notably are the destruction of 5 churches, and the massacre of Coptic peaceful demonstrators at Maspero. It is also worth noting that the Sharia law was applied on a Coptic individual and his ear was cut. Closer to home, one of our students from the unprivileged district of Imbaba was martyred (a bullet in the head) as he tried to defend the church of Saint Mary. We at Saint Kyrel Trust could not stand-by and watch and in Abanoub’s honour decided to take on 100 new students effective 1/10/2011, increasing our numbers to 825 students. This means our yearly outgoing to students will be 1.7M LE (825 students @ 150LE of 14 months/year). This also meant a sudden demand on our accounts that has become £50k/year; a huge burden that we can only meet with your assistance. Please donate generously and help us look after such needy students.

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