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Christmas Message 2012

Published in 20/01/2017

As 2012 draws to an end and we prepare to embrace a new year, we would like to offer all of our donors, contributors and supporters a warm heartfelt thanks for all their encouragement throughout the year. In particular, we would like to wish you all a:

Merry Christmas and a Blessed Happy New Year!

Through your generous contributions, support and prayers, we have been able to support needy students in Egypt. We are grateful, and once again:

Many thanks and may God bless you accordingly!

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in comfortable homes, please keep in your prayers our brothers and sisters in Egypt, who face relentless persecution and difficult poverty.

Current Support and Need

Saint Kyrel Trust sends approximately 1.75m Egyptian Pounds annually to deprived students. Because of the current economic crisis in Egypt, we have increased our monthly grant to each of our 830 students, which has resulted in a monthly shortage of £3,000, if we are to continue our commitment towards all of those 830 students.

Furthermore, given the deteriorating situation of Copts during the last 2 years, and as an attempt to help the increasing number of desperately needy students, we have decided to accept 100 new students in 2013. This will incur an additional monthly requirement of £2,000.

Saint Kyrel Trust depends on your generosity towards our brethren and children who struggle and strive to survive with the absolute minimum, in hope of a better future when they graduate, with an ability to earn a living.

So, please visit our sponsor page and provide your details and a volunteer will send you our standing order.

  • Sponsoring 1 student costs £20/month
  • Sponsoring 2 students costs £40/month
  • Any other amount is also welcome

Alternatively, if you prefer a one-off payment, this can be done through Pay-pal.

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