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Christmas 2015 Warmest Wishes

Published in 20/01/2017

During the Christmas season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. We would like to send all of our donors, contributors and supporters warm heartfelt thanks for their contributions, encouragement and support throughout the year.

Fruitful Year

This year we have been blessed with three fund raising events that were successful, and generated extra funds that were desperately needed for our increased demands.

Yearly event

In March 15, our usual yearly celebration of the departure of Pope Kyrelos VI, we had a great event in Saint Phillips church, Kensington. Prof Henein delivered an update talk on our work and progress and all enjoyed a great lunch afterwards.


In May 15, we held a concert entitled “The Creation”, which was performed by Saint Kyrel Orchestra & Choir. The event was planned to coincide with the centenary of the Armenian genocide, took place at the Armenian Church in South Kensington and was attended by Bishops, Priests, from the Coptic community and other denominations, as well as dignitaries from the Egyptian Embassy London. Most notably, Metropolitan Pakhomious representing his Holiness Pope Tawadros II attended the event. The French and British youth of the Choir chanted magnificently and entertained an audience of approximately 500 people, who donated generously.


Thames Cruise

In November 15, we took to the Thames! We had a wonderful river cruise with delicious food, entertaining folklore music, patriotic songs, and Christmas carols sung by primary school children. Bishop Angelos (OBE) and 220 of our supports enjoyed the water-tip with their families for what turned out to be a truly fulfilling evening. Many of those attended wished for a repeat in the summer, to which request we will oblige!

Help Please

Extra students

Our waiting of below-poverty line list of students is expanding but our limited resources are disallowing us from taking any more students. Please help by pledging £17.5/month (for 48 months), £210/year (for 4 years) or one-off donation of £1050 to support one student throughout their education.


It seems that Egypt has encountered an early harsh winter this year. With limited resources on the ground, there is some life threatening conditions that we are trying to avert. If you have new or good condition second-hand winter clothes, we can collect them. If you are traveling to Egypt and willing to carry luggage with such clothing, we can bring you the luggage to any London airport, and collect from your home in Egypt.

Merry Christmas and Blessed Happy New Year

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