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Chance to Thrive

Published in 20/09/2017

Can you make a difference? 360 students from unfortunate families are desperate for your help. By setting up a monthly donation of £20/month you could transform the life of one of these poor students.

Please act now, sponsor a student or more 

360 Students in our waiting list

Change a student life for good, donate today, you can donate by your card or PayPal


Typical student applications are summarised below.

MS is in year 2, faculty of Pharmacy – Cairo University.
His father is blind and retired, his mother has a heart condition. MS needs help to cover his faculty’s daily sessions’ expenses, fees, and transport costs.

MH is, in the 1st-year faculty of Tourism El Menya.
Her father is dead, has 5 other sisters and only one brother who has left his studies and was working to help his family in the living costs and he is married and could not bear all both families’ expenses as his family is very big. MH wants to complete her studies to help her mum and sisters.

HM is in 3rd year, faculty of Engineering, El Menya.
His father is bagger with a daily rate which is not fixed. The family consists of 7 members, for which the income is not enough to survive. HM wants to continue his studies and break out of poverty.

TW is in the 2nd-year faculty of Arts – Ain Shams University.
TW is the 4th daughter in the order of her sisters and due to the lack of the family’s income, one of her sisters has left her faith, one sister died during a heart surgery. TW dreams of completing her studies to support the family

We have been assisting unprivileged students in Egypt for the past 20 years and here are a brief of our statistics

2100 Students, we supported to break out of the poverty cycle over 20 years!

1650 Students, currently supported.

360 Students, awaiting your help by 2020

St Kyrel trust is fortunate to be run by unpaid volunteers both in the UK and Egypt, we manage to keep our overheads under 5%


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