The international festival of the orthodox church of Poland

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Wednesday 23 may 2018.

600 participant…. Coral Coptic at the orthodox church music festival in Poland

The Coptic Orthodox Church of Europe, LED by Maestro Professor Michel Haneen, participated in the international festival of the orthodox church of Poland, Orthodox Music Festival in bialystok

The Festival saw the participation of about 600 participants and 30 mrnm ko from different world.

This is the first time that coral coral has been involved in this ancient international music forum organized by Poland since 1982.

It is reported that only 12 members of the “San curl” Team – 150 mrnm of our churches from England, France and the Netherlands – were the ones who represented the team at the festival, and the melodies were made in 4 languages. It is coptic, English, French and Arabic.

Coptic Orthodox Church Spokesperson