Organisational News

Category: Organisation Update

Since the last news letter, we have received several large lump sums of donations as well as regular standing orders. We have, therefore increased the number of students by 10 in September and by 20 in December reaching a total of 100 students.

We have decided to develop a new program for helping the students by providing them with basic computing skills such as word processing, spread sheets, etc. The long-term plan of the program is to provide each of our centres in Egypt with a set of computers to be used for teaching the students. As a pilot test for this program we will buy a computer for our centre in El-Minia and another for our centre in Cairo. We are very excited to evaluate the progress of this progress of this program because it clearly demonstrates our slogan “We help the poor to help themselves”

As of January 2002 we shall be running a new scheme: “donor-student link”. The scheme will enable the donor to know all the details related to the new sponsored student(s), may be in touch with him/her/them and receive regular updates on that particular student. For further details please contact us. This scheme has been introduced upon the request of some of our dear donors.

Christmas Greetings

During this festive period, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all our donors. We wish you all a blessed feast of the nativity and a very happy and joyful new year.