Organisational News

Category: Organisation Update

So far this year we have taken 20 more students, 35% increase than last year, reaching a total of 75 students. Thank you for your contributions, which made this possible. The distribution of the students across Egypt is as follows: El-Minia (30), Cairo (26) Alexandria (19).

We received a kind offer from Olivia Roufail, a web designer, to redesign and improve our web page ( Olivia will also help us add some church music and embed the site with photos (Thank you Oli). Also, we are currently looking into collecting donations online. If you can help in this area we will be much obliged.

News From the Field

Most of the students we help passed their exams in the last academic year. Success rate is approximately 90%; sadly 7 students will have to re-sit their exams next year (4 in El-Minia, 2 in Cairo and 1 in Alexandria). Out of 58 students passed, 8 students graduated and will be replaced with other.

Please talk to us

We invite all our donors to talk to us and advise us on how they feel and think of our work. We welcome questions or suggestions on any area of our work. It is with your donations that we are able to accomplish our goals, and with your suggestions we are able to improve our work. Please visit our website site, learn more about the trust and drop us a line with your ideas at