We operate in three main areas in Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria and El-Minia (in upper Egypt). At each city, we have a representative who conducts the recruitment of the poor students and distributes the grants to them on a monthly basis. Each representative has the responsibility of delivering the grant, following up how is it spent, and report back to the trustees on the progress of each student. We have a general coordinator who is also based in Cairo and oversees all the operations in Egypt. The coordinator, who is a trust member himself, has the responsibility of delivering the grants to the representatives on a quarterly basis. He also has the responsibility of liaising with the trustees in London in matters regarding money transfer, conveying new policies to the representatives and ensuring their application.

We have two main bank accounts, one in London in Sterling pound and the other in Cairo in Egyptian pound. Both accounts are in the name of St Kyrel Trust. Donors in Britain pay their contributions to the London bank account and we transfer the money to the coordinator who exchanges the sums into Egyptian pounds on a quarterly basis, deposits it in our Cairo bank account and organises delivering it to the representatives each quarter.

Grants and Students

Our current grant to each student is one hundred Egyptian pound, 100.00 LE. This amount covers the expenses of each students in terms of books & stationery, basic rental accommodation if living away from home, food, simple clothes, transport and pocket money.