It was hoped the general affairs for Christians in Egypt would improve following the 25th January new Egyptian revolution. Disappointedly, 6 months on, this hasn’t materialised. In fact, the power vacuum across Egypt gave rise to fundamentalists to show their ugly face with horrendous events broadcasted globally; from attacks on innocent Christians, to applying sharia law on Christians, and burnings to more churches. We are particularly sad about the latest events in the “Imbaba” district in Cairo, during which one of our students was killed whilst trying to protect the “virgin Mary church” that was eventually burned down. This brought the hostility much closer to home. We decided to enrol 10 new students in this underprivileged district in honour of our young martyr. “They” can kill, but we, with the grace of God, will increase our services and let us see who wins!

Please pray with us for peace to prevail in Egypt.

Our fund raising event in March 2010 went very well and the proceeds exceeded £10,000.00. Our presentation started with logistic questions about who supports small minorities such as the Taliban, Palestinian Hamas movement, and ended with real circumstances examples of students that we support; between the blind, the broken families, the sheer poverty and the glimpse of hope we see in some of our graduates. Our p thanks and gratitude go to all those who helped out in the organisation of the day, in particular Mrs Suzy Onsy and her team for organising the food and refreshments, Monica and Joseph Shehata for playing magnificent Piano pieces to entertain our guests, Stephan Rene for contributing an icon for the mother of God, and for Medhat and Basma Mikhael for offering their home in Italy for 2 weeks holidays. Thanks a million!

The servants’ conference: In August this year, we have organised a conference in Cairo for all our servants across the country. The agenda of the meeting included discussions around what should we do with a failing student?, Should we use the extra funds to take more students at the same monthly grant, or keep the same number of students and increase the grant? And whether we should introduce the donor to the recipient (student)? The servants collectively reported positively, requested a yearly repeat of the meeting to further enhance the communications and organisation of the service.

We want to hear from you

We invite all our supporters to advise us on how they feel or think of our work. We want your opinion to be part of our decisions. It is with your support we are able to accomplish what we both want. We welcome comments, questions and suggestions on any area of our work. Please get in touch on the contact details shown below, or directly speak with any of the trustees. God bless.

Future Events

Category: Organisation Update

We are in the process of organising 2 events.

Our annual fund raising event which will take place in March 2011. As customary, the event will include a presentation and other fun items.

“The Anointed Servant” concert; the first Coptic Music Concert in Britain which will take place on the 1st May 2011 at Saint Mary Abbots, Church street, Kensington W8. This will be a unique musical event and please book your tickets early.

During 2010 we managed to claim the gift aid for several years, which offered a big lump sum. This allowed us to expand the service, and we are now pleased to report that our number of students will increase from 652 in 2010 to 700 as of January 2011.

The distribution of the new students is: Alexandria (10), Beni Suif (5), ElMinia (6), Samalout (3), Kitkat (2), Ein Shams and Ezbet Elnakhl (16), Old Cairo (3), and Elsharabeya (3).