Joanne has 1 brother and 2 sisters. The father was a shoe-maker who died at the age of 37 of respiratory system failure, leaving the children and a house wife with a pension of 80.LE / month (£14.00) and a lot of debts. They had to sell everything from clothes to furniture to pay their debts. The eldest son is the bread winner, working as a night guard in a catholic church, for an income that barely covers their food.

Mark lives with his 7 brothers and sisters in a 2 bedroom farm house in the country side of Assuit. The whole family has only 3 beds and 1 cupboard. The father passed away 10 years ago and the pension of the house wife is 80.00LE, which covers less than the basic needs for one of her children in the university. He works every summer as a labourer in the house-building industry to save some money help the family go through the academic year, whilst studying in the faculty of commerce.

Neveen works as an assistant in a 24 hour pharmacy to earn 70.00LE/moth (£11.50/month) to. Her father changed his religion into Islam, leaving the family of 5 without an income. The local church helps them with the amount of 100.00LE per month, which is used to cover the rent, gas and electricity. She is studying to be an opthalmologist. Coping with life is financially impossible and offers from Muslim step-cousins are following the family promising more help if they convert!

Our waiting list holds many others with circumstances similar to those above. Please help to ease their suffering and make a difference in their lives.

The past and the present

The past Last year we received an application form our representative in El-Minia for a young man called Maged Nagib. The application revealed the following facts: The father of the family has died a short while before the application was made. The mother is a housewife. Number of brothers and sisters is 7. Family income is established from two sources, one is the pension of the passed father (150.00 LE equal to £25.00) and the eldest brother farming a piece of land. The family lived in a house that did not have clean water connected it, and surprisingly no toilet either. We took Maged onboard, when he was in his last year of secondary school (A-levls) as he desperately needed financial support. He was working hard and wanted to study medicine.

The present The following is a translation of a letter we received from Maged this summer

I would like to thank you but do not know how. I will just say it: Thank you so much for your help and support. Your financial aid was more than money as it has transformed not only my life but also the life of my family. I am a proud son because I saved a bit from my monthly grant during the summer months and together with my brother we paid for a clean water line to be installed and built a toilet as well. I also passed my exams and will be studying in medical school from net year, which what I wanted to do. So, I am happy. May God bless you for your help and support to me.

To Maged we replied:

We are proud of you too and we will support you till you finish your medical school.

A Realised Dream

Category: Case Study

The following is a letter we received from one of the students we help in upper Egypt, where poverty strikes in a bad way. Her name is Molook, a serious teenage with a dream. The following is her own words showing how Saint Kyrel Trust helped this dream become a reality.

Before I tell you how does the monthly grant of Saint Kyrel Trust helped me, let me explain the situation of my family. We live in a village and our house consists of two rooms. We are five children (2 females and 2 males). My father works as door keeper for St. Antonios Coptic Orthodox church. He has only his low salary, which barely covers our bread line living. We don’t have any other source of income. As we are villagers, and our income is very low, I could only dream about university education. Within our circumstances, when we should only ask about the absolute necessaries of life, sending me to the university was an impossibility.

In the church, Tasony (a Coptic word means my sister) asked me which colleague will I join when I finish secondary school? I really had no answer, so I kept silent. After the meeting, Tasony talked to me alone, and asked me again. I had to explain my situation for her. She understood me but she said we will not give up. Let us pray and God will provide, she said. I went home and kept on praying that this dream of mine may become a reality.

After few days, Tacony came to visit us, she spook with me and my father about the grace of God and she added that I was nominated to the grant of Saint Kyrel Trust for going to the university. My dream of going to the university was immediately replaced by the dream of being able to obtain a university degree, be able to find a job and bring some more money to help the rest of the family. How great is the love of God?

Now, I’m studying social science. With the monthly grant I receive, I can commute to college, spend on myself independently and above all will be able to finish the course and find a job. I will never forget this favour. Thank you to my heavenly father and his people in St. Kyrel.

Molook, has succeeded in her first year and moved on to the second year of college. Expecting to graduate in year 2002.

Hardships of a Family

Category: Case Study

The following case of Sammy Farouk is a typical example of the work St. Kyrel does for the poor students of Egypt. He writes to us summarising what he experienced:

It was shook for me and my family when my dad died, we didn’t expected that or prepare ourselves for that time. My mother, Kyrlos (my young brother) were completely dependent on him.

I was in the second year of my high school, I knew our income will seriously be affected because dad died young and the pension we were supposed to receive will not cover our different expenses. I needed private tuition, books, and transportation and my young brother needed the same to continue his studies too. It was a real problem, but I was not disappointed; I had that strong feeling God will never neglect me. He – as usual – supports me in different times.

I went to the church, met Abona (the priest) and discussed with him the problem. We prayed together & left to home with a peace on my heart. One week and God replied.

I had a meeting with a representative from Saint Kyrel.
Through the help of Saint Kyrel, I was able to finish my high school and am now student in the second year of Veterinary College in Cairo University Bany-Sweaf branch. Because of the continuing monthly support I can share a room with one of my friends and can buy some books.

Thanks to my real father Jesus, thanks to the Saint Kyrel group.

St. Kyrel has been helping ……(how long) (what about rest of family)

Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it.

Prov. 3:27